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PIIC Adds Four More IUs for 2015-16 School Year PDF Print E-mail

The Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching (PIIC) has expanded this year with the addition of four more Intermediate Units (IUs).  24 of the 29 IUs across Pennsylvania are PIIC-participating IUs.

Northwest Tri-County IU (5), Riverview IU (6) , and Delaware County IU (25) previously participated in PIIC and have returned, while Chester County IU (24) is a new participant.

The inclusion of the four new IUs brings on four new IU PIIC Mentors and countless new coaches.  Regional Mentor Coordinators, the IU PIIC Mentors’ tier of support, have also expanded their groups to welcome in the new IU PIIC Mentors. 

To see an updated list of mentors and Intermediate Units, visit the Participating IUs and Mentor Bios pages.  Please also visit The Instructional Coaching Resource Guide for more information about PIIC and instructional coaching.

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