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Recent Blogs

Do you recycle? PDF Print E-mail

It is said that we live in a throw away society. What one teaching strategy would you never ‘throw away’?

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Enriching Learning PDF Print E-mail

Learning is enriched through assessment and feedback. What PLN assessment/feedback strategy has met with the greatest success in your classroom?

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Risk Taking? PDF Print E-mail

In a recent speech to the PAHSCI Advisory Board, Dr. Gail Levin, Executive Director of the Annenberg Foundation, shared the quote, “A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” (John Shedd, Salt from My Attic, 1928). In your experience, how has risk-taking figured into implementation of the PAHSCI model?

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Celebrations PDF Print E-mail

Anything to celebrate?

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Welcome to PAHSCI PDF Print E-mail

Instructional coaching is a promising practice emerging in high schools across the nation. We invite you to join our community of learning and practice and exchange ideas about instructional practices that help build professional learning communities designed for the practitioner by the practitioner.

Please access and share resources, PowerPoint presentations, Podcasts, Blogs, and a great video in an online community created for educators. Read about events in our monthly newsletters with contributions from educators in schools across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Publicize best practices, ask questions, and offer suggestions about content and pedagogy to your peers.

Please understand that the opinions offered are just that… someone’s opinion about a book, practice, article, or thought that may not be research based but rather based on experience. Share your learnings with your colleagues and touch the teaching soul of every individual who visits our site. Top of Page

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