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Instructional coaches provide “over the shoulder” classroom support to teachers and initiate collaborative group professional learning. Instructional coaches generate discussion topics, assist teachers in identifying the academic needs of students, help teachers develop their potential in the classroom, recognize the connection between data and instruction, and determine which evidence-based practices will bridge the learning gaps. They work in partnership with teachers to plan lessons and engage in non-evaluative classroom visitations followed by lesson debriefings.

Just as athletic coaches provide immediate and specific feedback, building upon the strengths of their team by focusing on improving individual performance, so do instructional coaches.

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Cathy Berlinger-Gustafson presented at the Statewide Networking Sessions, held May 21, 2007, to PAHSCI participants on:
Facilitating Data Dialogues: Strategies for Conversations.

Coaching Across Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania High School Coaching Initiative (PAHSCI) is active in influencing statewide work on instructional coaching through its participation in the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s (PDE) Collaborative Coaching Board. Through this Board, PDE has adopted a common job description for coaches to be used across statewide initiatives and a ten point list of assurances to help coordinate Pennsylvania coaching initiatives and provide a common language of endeavor.

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