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For teachers and administrators, each September launches a new year. For PAHSCI, March marks the launch of our newly designed website. We welcome you to our blog page where we invite you to share your reflections, thoughts and classroom experiences. Be among the first to comment on this excerpt from a January PassKey article written by Dorothy Wood and Dr. Deb Carr of the Hazleton Area School District. Then return to discover the comments of colleagues from across the state and other educational communities.

“The Pennsylvania High School Coaching Initiative (PAHSCI) has provided the Hazleton Area School District with a valuable gift - the gift of “time.” In education, time is a precious and ever decreasing commodity. Deadlines, problems that needed to be solved yesterday, are often set aside until someone finds time to address them. The addition of the coaches themselves - coaches who now find time to plan, to think, and most importantly, to interact with colleagues - has enabled the Hazleton Area High School/Hazleton Area Career Center faculty and administration to identify, prioritize, and move forward on issues that we never seemed to have the “time” to sufficiently address.” Top of Page



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